Saturday, March 24, 2018

The 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

It has been some time since we last visited the Ohio regiments at Perryville posts...time to get that going again....

33rd Regiment Infantry. Organized at Portsmouth, Ohio, August 5 to September 13, 1861. Left State for Kentucky September 13 and Joined Gen. Nelson at Maysville, Ky. Attached to 9th Brigade, Army of the Ohio, October to December, 1861. 9th Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of the Ohio, to September, 1862. 9th Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Corps, Army of the Ohio, to November, 1862. 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Center 14th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 14th Army Corps, to July, 1865.

Counties/Cities Recruited From: Scioto, Adams, Pike, Ross, Meigs

Some men of the 33rd took part in the Great Locomotive Chase of April, 1862.

Strength - 388 men. 26 killed, 78 wounded, 5 missing. 

Commander - Oscar F. Moore (Colonel).  Moore took a wound in the left leg at Perryville and was captured.  Paroled on the same day, he resigned his commission in 1864 due to his "shattered constitution" and to give attention to personal legal matters.  He was born in Jefferson County, Ohio in 1817, and died in Waverly, Ohio in 1885.  Moore was educated at Washington (PA) College, and attended Cincinnati Law School.  He was employed as a lawyer, and also served in the Ohio House, the Ohio Senate, an the U.S. House, all prior to the war.  He is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Weapons - .69 caliber smoothbore muskets and .577 Enfield rifled muskets (two flank companies carried the latter).

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