Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Civil War Trust & The Friends of Perryville Battlefield Park Weekend

I do not have a great amount of details for this, but plan on being on the battlefield both days to give a helping hand.  I also plan on stopping at Lore Brewing Company for a few beers, Bluegrass Pizza and Pub for some good pie (of the pizza variety), The Hub for breakfast, and if I get a chance, a meal at 303 W and more beer at Beer Engine.  Add that to a couple of morning runs and working on the battlefield, and it promises to be quite a busy, yet rewarding, weekend!

Anyway, from the Friends of Perryville website these are the details as I know them:

June 2-3, 2012 - In anticipation of our 150th Anniversary we will have numerous projects. They will include everything from painting, cutting firewood, stone fence restoration, general clean-ups, etc.


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