Monday, March 18, 2019

Fort Donelson - A Far Fetched Idea - Part III

Okay, it is time to start discussing a more specific plan and what steps have been taken thus far to start moving this idea into reality.

Using the Chickamauga seminar as a model, I have reached out to author Tim Smith, who has written the definitive campaign and tactical study of the Forts Henry and Donelson campaign, as well as Greg Biggs, who has been a major player in both leading tours at Fort Donelson (and points connected with the campaign) while also driving the Civil War Round Table bus in central Tennessee.  Greg also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Civil War flags.  If we can get these two gentlemen involved, being as they are both widely known, it will give much credence to the seminar. 

There are also a few others I am going to lean on for support to bring this idea to life.  John Walsh, owner of Fort Donelson Relics and former mover and shaker in both the friends group and the local round table, has voiced to me his interest and willingness to help.  John also hosts a Facebook presence that I encourage readers to check out. 

Derrick Lindow, he of the excellent up and coming Kentucky Civil War website, lives a couple of hours away from Fort Donelson, and I will rely on him (and many others) to help spread the word via various social media outlets.  His research on various Kentucky related topics is top notch...check out his website and blog.

Of course my buddies from the Chickamauga study group will be asked to assist, by either attending or helping to tell others about the Fort Donelson seminar.

Thus far I have heard from Mr. Biggs, who seems to believe that an in depth seminar to be a worthy venture.  I am still awaiting to hear back from Mr. Smith.


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