Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ohio at Perryville Now on Facebook!

I've been using Facebook for quite some time, creating hiking events and running groups for the Buckeye Trail Association and the Friends of the Fort (Fort Hill), and in an effort to tap into the thousands who are interested in Civil War history I have created a page for the Ohio at Perryville blog.  There you will find pictures from the Civil War Trust event because posting sixty plus pictures on Blogger would take quite some time, and would be a rather huge post!

Click HERE to see the Ohio at Perryville Facebook page!

I am hoping that by using the Facebook page I will be able to drive more interest in the Perryville battle, as well as gather more folks on the hikes I am leading there.  Speaking of which, looks like the New Year's Day hike will not happen (bummer), but that still leaves a hike in the spring and fall each year.  And for this upcoming fall hike, I seem to be generating a lot of interest from hikers, friends, and others simply interested in this event.  I am hoping for a large turnout, because the more participants the more likely those participants will support the efforts at Perryville, possibly by becoming a Friends of Perryville Battlefield member.

I hope to see many new faces at the hike in November!


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