Saturday, July 22, 2017

Guest Blog Post on Emerging Civil War

A few weeks ago my guest blog post appeared on the Emerging Civil War site.  Topic?  The battles at Cynthiana and a snippet about the Foundation. 

The Emerging Civil War site is filled with excellent material from thoughtful blog posts, mostly written by up and coming authors.  Many of these folks have written titles for the Savas Beatie Emerging Civil War Series, shorter books that engage the casual Civil War fan as well as the more serious buff.

Monday, June 19, 2017

CBF Continues to Move Forward

A lot is going on with the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation!  We hosted the 1864 tour/luminary lighting earlier this month, and received a good turnout for this event.  We now have back issues of the Last Raid issue of Blue & Gray Magazine for sale on our website (generously donated by Blue & Gray which we are using to raise more funds), we have another tour/luminary event slated for July to cover the 1862 fighting, a big membership drive event in the works for September, a Civil War Trust Park Day for next year, a potential speaker series for next year, and also the genesis of a Civil War Weekend next June.  Add to that a potential sign program to mark the sites around town, a revamped Civil War tour, sheesh, the list goes on and on!

If you are not a member of the CBF, now is a great time to join,  June is the last month we offer our Founder's level of memberships, but we also have plenty other of membership levels to choose from.

Our website lists events, a shop where one can join, donate, and/or buy the Last Raid issue, and we also have an active blog which features the occasional post by Richard McCormick of My Civil War Obsession fame.  Come check it out!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blue & Gray Magazine Ceases Publication

I have been a subscriber since 1988 and have all but six issues of this magazine.  Therefore I was shocked today to see a mention about this on Facebook.  

From the Blue & Gray website:

I had just turned 30 when my late wife Robin and I launched the premiere issue of Blue & Gray. That was more than a third of a century ago. Then, a few years ago, as I entered my 60s, folks started asking about an exit strategy. Did I have one? My answer was no, I don’t. I will continue publishing Blue & Gray until someone tells me to stop. Well, that time has come.

The handwriting is on the wall. After the Civil War Sesquicentennial the subscriber base has declined to the point we can no longer afford to pay the printer and the post office, the costs of preparing the driving tour — which is the hallmark of the publication — and rising health care costs. Furthermore, our book business, which helped support our publishing efforts through the years, has all but disappeared with the advent of online discount booksellers, against which we simply can not compete. The staff at Blue & Gray headquarters for most of the last decade has consisted of just two people — my son Jason and me.

While there will be no more issues of Blue & Gray, we will continue to maintain the website. We are also exploring ways to convert unfulfilled subscriptions into credits that can be used for back issues and our book titles, while supplies last. So, continue to visit the website for updates.

This has been a very difficult letter for me to write. Since you’ve gotten used to me signing myself “The General” at the end of every driving tour, I’ll quote a real general, one who faced a far more difficult decision, and bid you all an affectionate farewell.
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