Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation Update

Last weekend those who are interested in preserving, interpreting, and promoting the Cynthiana battlefields met for the second official CBF meeting.  This meeting covered a lot of topics, but was mostly focused on the nuts and bolts of operating such a group from an organizational and legal perspective.  From the discussion, it was decided to have seven board members, and of those board member positions, six officer positions.  We have to have a board in place in order to create a charter and have representatives to list on some of the official documents as we move forward to some sort of legal recognition (non profit status, tax ID, etc.).  We should be able to determine the actual board members at our next meeting, slated for August 28th at the Chamber of Commerce office.  All are welcome to attend.

I did take the opportunity to head to Cynthiana a bit early and take a look at some of the surrounding countryside to get a better feel of the terrain and Morgan's approach routes.  I drove to where in both the 1862 and 1864 battles Morgan split his forces to enter the town in different directions.  This location is the current intersection of U.S. 27 (Leesburg Pike) and Smith Martin Lane/Wornall Lane.  Interestingly enough, Smith and Martin were two of Morgan's sub-commanders during the 1864 battle.  I drove down Wornall Lane to Lair Road (both Old and New) to follow the route that Smith and Martin took to come into Cynthiana from the southeast.  I found some neat sites that my wife would love to take pictures.  The countryside is rolling, a little less so south of town, but still a very attractive area to tour.  Long term I would personally like to mark these approach routes as part of the expanded driving tour (along with about a thousand other ideas).  While maybe not fair to compare, but Gettysburg has every rock, shrub, house, and stream marked in some manner (a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point), so why not mark hospital sites, driving routes, etc. at Cynthiana?

Where Morgan split his forces...plenty of room for an interpretive sign

Wornall Lane, where Gano (1862), and Smith and Martin (1864) peeled away from Morgan

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another Gig with the CWEA!

Okay, I REALLY owe Dave Mowery a beer, or three, or a dozen....

I have been invited to speak by the Civil War Education Association at a new Civil War symposium that will take place in southern Indiana next August (2017).  My new "best" friend, David Mowery, told the fine folks at the CWEA (Bob Maher) that I would make a good speaker to help launch this new Midwest-based symposium.  Sheesh, Dave, no pressure there, considering some of the noted speakers and authors that have been invited!  

Most likely I will give a talk on Perryville, Camp Wild Cat, or my latest passion, Cynthiana.  As the symposium is over a year away, there is plenty of time to develop a topic, and with another year of work perhaps the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation will be in a place to accept memberships and donations, so talking about the battles at the symposium might generate some interest in supporting the foundation.

This is the location of the to guess the location?  

As with many of my posts, there will be more on this in the future!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The CFB on FB

Just a quick blurb about the new Facebook home for the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation!  I am sure a website will be forthcoming in the near future, but for now please go take a look over at Facebook and like the page...and then share with your historical-minded friends.

And, if you are interested in being a part of the leadership, make plans to attend the next meeting.  July 31st, 2:00 p.m., in Cynthiana.  UPDATE - The meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce office.

Here is a bit on the 1864 battle (really three battles), part of Morgan's Last Raid.


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