Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Hike + After Event = Fun!

This trip to Perryville saw an extended stay in Danville.  I decided to come down and spend three nights in the area, leaving work a bit early on Thursday afternoon so I could make it to Danville in time to have a couple of pints at Lore Brewing Company.  I checked into the Golden Lion Bed and Breakfast, and then took a short walk to 303 W for dinner.  I walked around Danville a bit and turned in early, but not before re-reading Stuart Sanders' article on Perryville that appeared in Blue and Gray Magazine to give myself a bit of a refresher.

On Friday morning I took a another walk around Danville, stopping at The Hub for a sandwich and a hot cocoa before driving to Perryville.  Once in Perryville, I spent some time walking around the town, snapping pictures, and being asked if I worked for the newspaper!  I was a bit disappointed that none of the shops were open, and that the only cafe had closed, but I did enjoy a relaxing walk in that peaceful village.  I headed to the battlefield and hiked out the gravel lane to Loomis' Heights, then along the Mackville Road (Hays-Mays) towards the Slaughter Pen property.  I ducked back onto the battlefield and selected a mown path through the Slaughter Pen, getting a feel for the rolling terrain and the trials of Gooding's Brigade.  I walked back to the museum, saw the film, and enjoyed the exhibits.  I headed back into Danville, had a late lunch at Carbon (a newer place on Main Street), walked around a bit more (bought a Centre College running shirt from the bookstore inside The Hub), grabbed a delicious danish from Burke's Bakery (my first time in there, but not my last), and went back to the B&B while I awaited the better half to drive down from Cincinnati to join me.  Once she arrived we walked to 303 W for dinner, and turned in early as we both had big days planned for Saturday.

While the weather kept the number of fall hike attendees on the lower side of the scale, fifteen fine folks from far and wide made the trip to Perryville on Saturday.  The cold wind kept us moving fairly well, and the rain held off (other than a few hard drops) as we covered in decent detail the movements of Buckner's and Anderson's Divisions as they worked against Rousseau's Union troops on the Federal right flank and center. It was nice to be able to see the deep ravines of the Slaughter Pen, part of the newly opened portion of the battlefield.  Chuck Lott joined us near the Russell House and we covered, in reverse order Cheatham's movements against Jackson's Division.  Overall it was an excellent day on the battlefield (as always), and I cannot wait to hike the trails at Perryville again!

The post hike event was held at Lore in Danville.  Lee and Ashley were gracious hosts as a dozen of us partook of their fine craft beers and very tasty root beer, and we had some delicious pizza brought in from Bluegrass Pizza.  Folks were very generous with donations for the pizza, which I gave in turn to Chad Greene, president of the Friends of Perryville Battlefield group.

Next year I am hopeful that we will have a larger turnout as I plan to do the fall hike in mid-October. The folks at Lore have mentioned that they would be happy to hold a larger gathering, and perhaps smoke some pork and have a large party at their location.  More info on this as we finalize dates and details!

The backside of Merchant's Row - Perryville

Footbridge and reflection on the Chaplin River

In the Slaughter Pen

A few fall colors to be found

The group listens as Chuck Lott weaves his magic


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