Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perryville Volunteer Day

Volunteer Help Needed!
September 8, 2012

Please come out and help us get the park ready for the nation to visit.  We are working on several projects including preparation for the 150th Event. We are also working with the Civil War Trust that weekend to clean up some of the recent additions to the preserved battlefield that was recently acquired.
Please come to Civil War Hall on Saturday September 8 between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.  We will have coffee and donuts for you.

Please pack a lunch and we will provide drinks! Wear good shoes and bring gloves.  If you have any questions please call the park at 859-332-8631.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Cargo Pack - Picture from Eddie Bauer
Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday.  While I still am not certain why I receive the well wishes for something my parents did all the work to accomplish (particularly my mother), I still do like receiving some cool gear, books, and a nice dinner on this occasion!  I spent last night with a couple of hiking friends and the better half, enjoying one or two too many beers and good company.

For cool gear the better half picked up for me a cargo pack from Eddie Bauer.  While she will be the first to say I have too many packs (she may be right, I have a day pack and three backpacks), this cargo pack will be great for traveling, particularly for battlefield tramping.  There are several compartments of various sizes for storing wallets, keys, business cards, snacks, maps, books, a water reservoir, or even a small laptop.  I can see using this on the Chickamauga Study Group trips each March, for leading hikes at Perryville, for doing those off-beaten track explorations I want to do at Gettysburg, and any other traveling where having resource materials close at hand might be needed.  I really like the features of this pack, and can't wait to use it!

Books?  Yes, a few books were received, one Civil War (Gettysburg related), one on Perry's fleet after the Battle of Lake Erie, and one on the Battle of Point Pleasant.

All in all a nice birthday experience, with dinner planned for tonight!


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