Monday, March 19, 2018

Tebb's Bend Battlefield - Model to Use for Cynthiana?

This past weekend I was invited to talk to the Southern Kentucky Pastfinders, a group of folks based in Russellville, Kentucky.  My talk was on The Last Raid and the Second Battle of Cynthiana.  It was a great weekend, the weather was mostly grand, and my wife and I enjoyed the hospitality of these fine folks.  We bunked at the Sisters on Sycamore Bed and Breakfast, which in itself was a quiet and comfortable way to spend the night.  

On the way to Russellville we stopped at Tebbs Bend Battlefield.  Having never there before, I was eager to add it to my list of visited battlefield sites, as well as learn a bit more about Morgan and his raids.  The site is quite worthy of a visit.  There is a nature preserve area with about a half dozen miles of intertwined trails, which has both historical and natural interpretation.  The old 1907 bridge that crossed the nearby Green River has been moved and used as the main gateway to the trails system.  There is a covered picnic shelter with restrooms, and there is a small house that serves as an visitor center on the weekends.  Along with the hiking trails, there is a twelve stop three mile driving tour.  The amount of interpretation is amazing.  Several types of signs are used, from simple site signs, to full interpretive panels.  

When I think of Tebbs Bend, I envision a similar use at the Kellers Bridge area.  A driving tour along A. Keller Road, and then interpreted walking trails east of the railroad, would be a good use of the area, if we can secure permission from the local land owner to allow a walking trail to be established along with the installation of interpretive panels.  Along with pushing for an 1862 walking tour in the heart of Cynthiana, the Kellers Bridge area should be another high priority project for the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation.

Possible Tour Locations at Kellers Bridge

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