Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Study Group
As the calendar rolls from 2012 into 2013, that means that the days until the Chickamauga Chattanooga National Military Park Study Group are rapidly flying by.  In less than two months I will be heading to north Georgia to participate in my second study group, led by Jim Ogden, Dave Powell, and this year William Glenn Robertson.  I am really looking forward to this event, as it serves as the model for what Perryville could be doing.  While Perryville is a much smaller battle, having a one or two day study group each year certainly would be a reasonable expectation.  How better to increase awareness and support than by having historians and history buffs spending time at Perryville, dissecting the battle into small pieces, and spending their tourism dollars locally?
Think about it...those who are heading to Chickamauga from out of state will need a place to stay.  Dollars spent locally.  They will need to find places to eat.  Dollars spent locally.  They will also buy items from the gift shop on the battlefield.  Dollars spent locally, and dollars going directly to the battlefield.
I know I have mentioned this idea before, and you may be thinking I should put up or shut up.  If I lived in central Kentucky, I would put up, for certain.  But I am over two hours away in Cincinnati, and do not have the connections on the local level.  Can not the Friends group and the battlefield management, who are local, join arms and put together such an event each year?  I know they can.  Having seen the work they did for the Civil War Trust conference in 2009 as well as the massive effort put forth in the 150th anniversary reenactment, it can be done.  It would take a strong core group, a group that is within shouting distance of Perryville, to get the ball rolling.  But something like this, like many programs of this ilk, call for volunteers, and at times volunteers can be difficult to find.
I will keep pushing for this idea, because I believe that devotees of the Perryville battle would attend and support such an endeavor.  Based on the success I have had leading the hikes, people are interested in Perryville, and are interested in doing more than just a casual visit to the battlefield.  There are those who want "more".  Can there be a Perryville Study Group?  The answer is yes.
Cincinnati Civil War Round Table
Ah, yes, it is about time!  For years I have been wanting to join the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table, but for some reason just never got around to sending in my membership.  I think part of the reason is that the CCWRT makes it impossible to join online, which is a real shame in this day and age.  It would be extremely simple for them to set up PayPal as a way to accept online payments, which would make it much easier on their members.  But I digress.

What I am excited about is the fact that the CCWRT has eight speakers each year, as well as a battlefield tour.  One of the speakers will be Stuart Sanders, who will discuss the aftermath of the Perryville battle (and as covered in his recent book, Perryville Under Fire).  I am looking forward to his talk.  It has been years since I first met and spoke with Stuart, who was kind enough to chat with me for a couple of hours while he was still involved with Perryville.  He is an engaging person, and I am certain his presentation will be equally engaging.

Fall Hike Date Set

This year I am only going to lead one hike at Perryville, that being in the fall.  I feel that while I could do two each year, having one event works better with my other plans this year.  Therefore, the hike will be held in the fall, on October 19th.  I will post more details in a future post, but for now plan on meeting near the Confederate Cemetery no later than 11:00 a.m.  We will spend three to four hours hiking the battlefield and talking about the battle.  I also plan to have a post hike event at Lore Brewing Company again this year, and believe the fine folks at Lore will be doing some grilling for a post hike meal!  As mentioned, details to follow!


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