Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fort Donelson - The War Tablet Project

Update: A booklet on the FIFTY tablets perhaps?
I won't go into deep details, just that ever since last year when I visited the area in more depth than my first meeting, my curiosity was piqued in regards to the War Department tablets that are spread within the park and around other locations.  At one time I had thought I had secured an old book that would cover the history of the park, which hopefully would have included a bit about the tablets, but the seller didn't truly have the book in stock, and I have not been able to find a copy since.  I did find a pdf of another history of the park (from the 1950s), but it really doesn't cover what I am looking for in terms of the history of interpretation (and in turn, a history of the War Department tablets), but it will still be useful for the overall story.

Updated tablet locations - still need full verification
I was also able to obtain a pdf file with all the tablet text, with some handwritten notes about locations, from the Park Service.  Based on this, I have determined that there should be, sans the trench markers, about fifty tablets.  There are, as indicated by the notes. several missing.  There may be a few as well still in storage that have not been replaced.

The trip I am planning for May will either help clarify, or perhaps confuse and confound, the tablet locations.  

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