Friday, March 30, 2018

Fort Donelson Trip - Initial Plans

So, here is what I am thinking for my May pilgrimage to Fort Donelson.  Folks are welcome to come along for the full plan, and/or do pieces and parts as they see fit.  With some places I want to visit on the way to Fort Donelson, I am leaning away from a backpacking trip from a timing perspective.

Wednesday - Leaving the Cincy airport at 9:30, after dropping off my wife for her own trip, I will be stopping at the Jefferson Davis site between Hopkinsville and Russellville, Kentucky, then hitting the Fort Defiance park and interpretive center in Clarksville, Tennessee.  This makes my arrival time in Dover probably around 4:00 p.m. local time.  Perhaps visit a few of the tablet sites that I have missed in the past during the late afternoon.

Thursday - Walking the trails and tour route at Fort Donelson and in Dover.  This will be a tad under nine miles, will have some good hills to climb, and will be a mix of trail and road walking.  This will help locate and mark the tour route tablet sites.  Lunch in Dover during the hike, which overall, with stops for pictures and marking locations, will take several hours.  Late afternoon will be for checking out the tablet sites outside the park (mostly the Wynn Ferry and Forge Road ones).

Friday - Research at the park office, seeing what the plans are for getting the missing tablets back in place, clarifying any confusion about locations, obtaining any copies of documents that help with the history of the park and interpretation.  In the afternoon perhaps head to Fort Heiman and walk that area, early supper and good beers in Murray.

Saturday - Hike at Fort Henry.  Starting at the backpacking trailhead, hike north to the current Fort Henry interpretive trail, then back, adding a couple of different trails on the return.  Use the afternoon for any other loose ends ends that need to followed up on.  

Sunday - Late start heading home (my wife's flight doesn't come in until 7:30 EST), touring the Battle of Sacramento on the way.

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