Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Direction

Hmmm, after reaching out one last time and having post about my negative blog entry from two days ago (which really isn't that negative), I finally get some email responses from some of the folks at the Friends of Perryville Battlefield group.  However, I am thinking too little, too late.  There are claims that I did receive email replies to my numerous inquiries, but I can say unequivocally that I did not.  If I had, why would I be so adamant about reaching out one last time?  Why would I send multiple emails asking the same questions and making the same suggestions over the last several months?  Probably because no replies were ever composed and sent.  Again, I just do not understand...if you put an email address out there for contact, then reply to it, timely, and without numerous further inquiries.

So, over the last few days I have been casting about, trying to find a new Civil War cause to support.  I've given money to the Friends group, just to be disappointed.  I've also given money to another Friends group in the past (a National Park group), and never received a newsletter from them either.  And no, I have no issues receiving any other mail.

I belong to the Civil War Trust as a Regimental Color Bearer, and as long as I am able to do that financially, I will continue my support of that top notch group.  I send them emails and get replies.  They communicate.  They are active.   And yes, I do understand they are not 100% volunteer, so they have staff to accomplish such things as email replies and publish the Hallowed Ground magazine.  But worthy, nonetheless.

I took a gander at Mill Springs Battlefield Association, Friends of Stones River National Battlefield (who doesn't appear to update their website very often, which could be a negative indicator), the Battle of Richmond Association, Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation, and a few others.  The problem with most of the aforementioned is that they do not offer the hiking/interpretive opportunities I desire.  Stones River does have some miles of hiking trails, but those trails really do not offer the interpretation piece that I can do at places such as Perryville and Chickamauga.  Mill Springs may open up more trails, but I do not believe the trail system will be co-joining, meaning that there would either be sections of road walking or hopping in and out of cars to get from one trail to another.  Chickamauga is ideal, but at five and a half hours away becomes a bit more than a battlefield tour and more like a weekend outing.  Camp Wildcat is closer, and the Sheltowee Trace/Wilderness Road runs right through the battlefield, so a longer hike could be completed, but it is a long drive for a day hike.  Perhaps a one or two night backpacking trip would work there.  They have also opened up a few more trails to add to the interpretive piece.  Potential exists, and the battle for me to interpret to hikers and casual history buffs is fairly straight forward.

Not sure what all this will mean for the's not like I can change the name and/or the url to reflect any new direction.  I will try to keep a positive frame of mind about Perryville, but I will say that the positive frame of mind I once had has been tainted (bomp, bomp, tainted mind, oh ohh oh, tainted mind).

Stay tuned...things could get interesting!

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