Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Negative Blog Post Gets Response...Sort Of

It's sad really, that my blog entry from yesterday is what it took to get someone from the Friends of Perryville Battlefield group to respond on Facebook, but really, they did not respond to any of the questions I have been sending their way for months and months.  No response about membership, no response about what a Trailmaster is supposed to be doing, and a half hearted attempt to explain away the lack of a newsletter.  Then they tried to say they could leave a negative response about me?  I asked about what and they didn't give an answer.  Sad, so disturbing actually that folks simply cannot do what they said they were going to do, and then have the audacity to turn it back on me, without basis.

I've been bringing folks to Perryville for five years now, encouraging them to support the park.  While I will keep bringing folks to Perryville, I will no longer suggest they join the Friends group.  I will suggest that they have save the land by giving to the Civil War Trust.

I hate negativity, but at the same time I will call a duck a duck when it needs to be done.  As stated, I have enjoyed my face to face interactions with the folks involved, but working long distance with them has been frustrating.

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