Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Colonels of Spring Grove - Frederick Charles Jones

Frederick Charles Jones was born in Pennsylvania, near Greensboro, on December 16th, 1834.  His family moved to Cincinnati in 1846.  He graduated from Woodward High School in Cincinnati in 1853 and served as a lawyer (prosecuting attorney for the Police Court) prior to the Civil War.  

He was an aide-de-camp on the staff of Joshua Bates from April to August 1861 with the rank of captain.  He become lieutenant colonel of the 31st Ohio in October that same year.  On February 18th, 1862, Jones became the lieutenant colonel of the 24th Ohio, and was promoted to colonel of the regiment on May 14th for "gallantry on the field of battle."  Jones suffered a gunshot wound on his right side at Stones River and died on December 31st while charging a Confederate regiment.

Fort Jones, part of the defensive works built at Camp Nelson, is named for him.

Jones is buried in Section 21, Soldier's Circle B, Center, in an unmarked grave.  He is the highest ranking officer buried in Lot B and is ceremoniously buried at the center of the concentric rows "as if in command of the soldiers around him".  His grave site marking would be another project for a Sons of Union Veterans camp to take on.

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