Monday, July 23, 2018

Texas (Sort of) Again

Just some additional pictures of the Lone Star Pavilion area in Burnet Woods, close to the University of Cincinnati campus.  I am meeting with the Cincinnati Parks folks next week to talk about volunteering at the site and what work I would plan to do.

At the moment plans would be to rip up the garden area at the base of the flagpoles, turning the dirt over and adding some soil enrichment.  Planting of three types of plants, perennials known to be deer resistant, heat tolerant, and attractive to bees and butterflies, would occur next spring.

I would ask the park to repaint the light poles in the area, and fix the flagpoles themselves to allow flags to be flown.  I would also see if a permanent trash bin could be installed.  The gun tubes need to be sandblasted and repainted, but for now I would be happy with new paint.

Longer term plans would be to add some cherry and dogwood trees in the area to enhance the appeal of the location, hopefully leading to more rentals of the space.  The bush near the sidewalk needs to be either trimmed back, with additional plants on either side, or completely removed and a new garden or grass installed.  And there is an area that needs to have its undergrowth cleaned out to widen the viewshed of the pavilion area.

We'll see what the park will let me do!  Unfortunately the Sons of the Republic of Texas have not replied to two emails.


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