Monday, June 6, 2016

Tours with the Civil War Education Association

Some exciting news on the tour front....

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to the fine folks at the Civil War Education Association about leading tours for them in Kentucky, locations like Perryville, Camp Wild Cat, Mill Springs, Cynthiana, etc.  I received a quick response, and had a recent phone chat with their organizer, Bob Maher.  It looks like I will be one of their tour leaders in 2017, with a 2.5 day tour at Perryville.  With such noted historians as Ed Bearss, and Jack Davis, and a host of other excellent historians, I feel honored to be able to lead folks from the CWEA to the rolling Chapin Hills and share the Perryville story.  There are several positive aspects to this relationship - first, the organization seems to be very dedicated to providing a great experience to battlefield visitors; second, having tours through CWEA will bring visitors to the Perryville area that may have never ventured there on their own which increases awareness and support for Perryville; and third, this could lead to not only more tours with the CWEA but also help solidify my reputation with folks wanting to sign up for a tour with Walking With History.  Okay, so that last comment was a bit on the self-centered side, but I do need to establish myself as a good tour guide, and working with CWEA gives me another opportunity to do just that!

I had heard comments about the CWEA at our Cincinnati Civil War Round Table meetings from Dave Mowery, who also leads tours for them.  I had never heard of the CWEA until eavesdropping at one of the round table meetings.  Once I looked them up I realized that their direction for educating the public about our historic past was aligned with what I am trying to accomplish with Walking With History.  Increased knowledge leads to increased awareness which leads to increased preservation.

More on this exciting opportunity in the future!

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