Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Perryville Tour Completed!

Between the April tour for the Missouri round table and the annual spring tour for the general public, I think I have had enough of the rainy season!  Both tours saw some precipitation, which also makes for wet walking, but in both cases the groups trooped along all day.  For the spring tour, due to late planning on my part and a less than favorable weather forecast, we only had fourteen onboard, but it was a good crew and we were able to share the Perryville story fairly well.  Seven of us even spent more time together at Bluegrass Pizza for dinner, enjoying good conversation, the Preakness on the telly, and some tasty pizza and beers.

I have determined with the last two tours that telling the story starting with Jones Ridge (so that both Donelson and Jones/Brown can be covered) is the way to go for every tour going forward.  Moving towards the Bottom House we can cover not only the fighting there, but also Peters Hill.  Going to Cheatham's attack for the afternoon session allows participants to already have a solid base of Donelson and the fighting along Loomis' Heights back to Dxiville Crossroads, so that when we end with Cheatham near the crossroads, everything has tied together nicely.

My blog friend Richard McCormick took plenty of pictures and wrote a nice entry over at My Civil War Obsession, so I will let you head there for some more information.


  1. You and Chuck do a terrific job. That format was very nice. Even in just half of the tour, my understanding of the battle increased significantly.

    Thank you for doing these.

  2. Thank you so much! The only issue I have, well the weather seems to be more rotten than nice, and Chuck and I talk over each other at times. :)



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