Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Walking With History - My New Business Venture

My loving wife has been telling me for some time to start a business doing the things I love to do, walking battlefields and hiking/backpacking.  So, after having such a grand time with the Michigan Regimental Round Table during their recent tour at Perryville, I have jumped in an created Walking With History LLC.  The purpose is to provide folks a chance to have a walk on historic sites while covering the events that took place on those grounds.  The company will be able to cater tours based on level of experiene...want just a few hours at Perryville and a general overview of the battle?  I can do that.  Want a few days getting into the weeds and seeing some sites that most folks do not have access to?  I can do that.  Need a recommendation on a place to stay or grab a good local meal?  I can do that.

Not only will I be covering Perryville, but also Camp Wild Cat, Mill Springs, the Ohio Indian Wars of the 1790s (what the Army calls the Miami Campaign), the Miami-Erie Canal, and other local places, along with larger tours at Gettysburg, Antietam, and Chickamauga.  

It is quite an exciting time for me, and if you are looking for a tour, 2016 is wide open.  Please check the Walking With History website for details.

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