Saturday, August 1, 2015

The National Park Issue

The proposal that Perryville should become a national park is making the rounds again.  I am personally against this movement, for a few reasons, which are summarized quite nicely on this blog post by Richard McCormick.  He captures my concerns quite well and I hope others realize what could happen to Perryville is national battlefield status is given.  I am certainly not against  increasing visitation and awareness, but I am against it when it threatens to ruin the park's interpretation and annual reenactment.

Here are some pictures from Pea Ridge from a recent (July, 2015) trip.  The second picture shows the nature of many of the walking trails, over ankle high with grasses and weeds, a perfect home for ticks.  That is a huge deterrent is getting visitors out of their cars and walking the ground.  This WOULD happen at Perryville due to the maintenance issues the National Park Service is having maintaining properties they already own.

Trail is along the left

There is supposed to be a trail on one side of this fence line...can you tell which side?

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