Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Hike - A Rainy Fun Affair!

Cold temps and pouring rain were our companions on the fall hike this year.  I would say those weather conditions were 180 degrees from what the soldiers suffered with in 1862, but twenty-four attendees suffered through the rain and cold for three hours as we tramped in a hurried and abbreviated fashion across the battlefield.  I was really impressed by the dedication the attendees exuded, but finally, after seeing more and more of them shiver, we decided to cut the event a bit short.  Thanks to those who made it out and tramped the fields in the rain!

The post hike event was held at a variety of locations.  First fourteen of us stopped at V-The Market for some warming spirits.  After imbibing a few pints, we moved on to Bluegrass Pizza and Pub, which never fails to deliver a great pie!  A few of us moved on to the Beer Engine for another quick pint.  It was good to be able to support local businesses while sharing some great times.

The plans are already starting for an extended event in the spring.  Both Chuck Lott and I are feeling that three or four hours are just not enough to cover Perryville they way we want to.  Not only do we have a lot of material to go over, but there is also a lot of ground to cover.  Look for details soon!

Rainy Day at Perryville - Photo by Tim Jeffries

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