Sunday, June 3, 2012

Perryville Weekend

I had a great time at my favorite battlefield this weekend.  A good day's work on Saturday saw a lot of wood being cut and split, and a rigorous workout during same, on a beautiful late spring day.  I also got a chance to talk about the Friends group with Chad, Joni, and others.  I hope to be helping with some map making and some email communication for all the Friends group members.  Living in Cincinnati doesn't allow me the opportunity to support Perryville on a regular and local basis, so by offering some suggestions and perhaps helping them with the communication aspect I feel like I can still do my part for this wonderful location.

Some other notes, I am working on the details for the fall hike, and am shooting for a Saturday in November.  Just waiting a few responses from folks before posting the event.  I am hoping to have the post hike at Lore Brewing Company after getting to know the owners, Lee and Ashley, who offered to hold such an event and have some food brought in.  More details on this to follow as I solidify the date of the hike and the post hike plans.

Enjoy a few pictures I snapped after the work day at Perryille was over.  I do believe they are planning on having a few more work days before the reenactment in October, and I hope you can join in the fun!


  1. If Missouri doesn't have a home football game on the weekend you pick, I might have to wander down for that. There are few better places to spend a November Saturday than Perryville, Kentucky!

  2. Hey Andy!

    Right now I am leaning towards the 3rd. Waiting for a confirmation from the folks at Lore Brewing Company if they can host an after hike event at their place. Keep your eyes open for more details once everything has been firmed up!



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