Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CWPT Annual Conference Photos

All I can say about my first Civil War Preservation Trust conference is WOW!  I attended talks, lectures, a panel discussion with Ed Bearss, Richard McMurry, and Kent Masterson Brown, and then was able to tour both Perryville and Mill Springs with Mr. Bearss.  The staff of the CWPT was friendly and helpful, and I met some excellent people on the tours who I look forward to seeing again next year at Manassas.

It was comforting to find that Mr. Bearss, noted historian and tour host, gave nearly the exact same tour as I give when leading hiking groups to Perryville.  I guess then I must be covering the basics!  We had sunny skies, then rain, then hail, then sun, then more rain, which might sound like a horrific experience, but instead made the tour of Perryville that much more memoriable.

Here is the link for the pics I have uploaded thus far on Flickr.

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