Friday, March 5, 2010

CWPT Conference Tours

I selected my choices for the tours for the upcoming Civil War Preservation Trust's annual conference. There were some tough decisions to make as the offerings include a bus tour of Perryville, a hiking tour of Perryville, a tour of Mill Springs, a tour of Richmond, a two day Morgan's Raid tour, and various others. I selected the Mill Springs and Perryville hiking tours. While I have hiked Perryville several times already, hiking it with a group of historians and history buffs should be an excellent time. The second choice was more difficult. The Battle of Richmond is part of the Perryville Campaign, and therefore an important part of understanding the latter battle, but Mill Springs now has a visitors center and is a battle that has always interested me. Morgan's Raid could have been interesting as well, but it would have prevented me from attending any of the other tours, even if they are dining at the Beehive Tavern Restaurant in Augusta.

I am getting very excited about this trip, but who wouldn't with four days of battlefield tours, lectures, and dinners with like-minded people?

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